Hi people,

my name is Tatjana and I am a Serbian girl who lived in Vienna, but in January 2017 I moved to Germany. I make my master studies – Business Administration in this beautiful country and changed my whole life. But here is my love and my life now. It was a difficult decision but despite of that, it is one of the best in my life. Up to now, of course.

I can say I am a dreamer. Yes, definitely. Sometimes it can be setback for me, but I learn from facing and overcoming barriers and continue to dream. Life offers a lot of possibilities and we should recognize the true values and catch them. I do that and follow my inner voice, my dreams and wishes. This approach makes me happy and fulfilled. Further I can say the photography is my big love. I enjoy making photos everywhere, because it’s absolutely me. I explore new places and new possibilities in every moment like the song says: ”I’m not lost, I am exploring”

And what can I say about my blog? The name Unlimited Experience says everything. My blog is my hobby and gives insight into everything that represents me, my interests, creativity and ideas. I want to share my experience of life in new country, travel experiences and interesting subjects such as fashion, beauty, culture, food etc. Networking offers unlimited possibilities and I want to be part of this community.

I hope that everyone will find something interesting for yourself.

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