The city of canals, bikes and freedom

Yes, it’s Amsterdam!


During the Easter holidays, my husband and I visited Amsterdam, and the Netherlands generally, for the first time. We spent the first few days in Amsterdam and I can say that I’m really excited. It was love at first sight! First of all, I would emphasize the hearty and warm welcome of the Dutch. At the beginning we concluded that the Dutch are totally honest and relaxed. That surprised us completely.


We used the first day of our stay in this beautiful city for wandering through the city and getting to know it. We went out early in the morning, in order to avoid the expected crowd. And that was a great decision. The city was crowded with tourists these days, but also of local residents because it was the first beautiful days of spring. So everyone was barely waited to get out. We walked from the central station along the canals and enjoyed the first blossomed flowers and sun rays. After a long winter and the Black Forest, this was really necessary for me. The first impression was my absolutely excitement with architecture, canals and bicycles at every step. And of course, the freedom. You believe me, when you experience this city and this way of life, you really understand what means freedom. In Amsterdam is everything totally normal. Ok, it’s not for everyone, but I’m really happy because I also met this way of life. It’s completely different from everything I’ve experienced on my earlier travels.


What impressed me, in particular, is the number of bikes in the city. I think this is the city with the highest number of bikes in the world. I got such an impression. Bikes are at every step, whether parked or driving, it doesn’t matter. They all use them and literally have them in every place in the city. Wherever you turn, you will see a bicyclist and everyone drives completely relaxedly and fast. I got the impression that bicyclists don’t respect overly rules in traffic, but adapt to their needs. Totally crazy.


 As a great lover of art, I can say that this was indeed a perfect place for me. If you love art and history, you must visit the Rijksmuseum, perhaps the most important museum in the Netherlands, which shows Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day. Also, on your “Must Visit” list should be the Van Gogh museum, as well ad the house of Anne Frank. Museum are huge and offer plenty of things to see, so you can freely calculate that you need the whole day for their tour. Generally, you will meet art with every step through Amsterdam. Whether they are small galleries, museums or architecture itself, is not important either. It is important to feel the artistic spirit wherever you turn. 






At the end of this article, I will set up some useful links:

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