Blooming Fields


What is your first association when you think of the Netherlands? I suppose it’s flowers. Primarily, the tulips. Exactly. Therefore the post is dedicated to the beautiful flower bulb blooms in the Netherlands.


My husband and me have spent Easter holidays in this fantastic country and I can say that we are full of positive impressions. As this is the first time we are visiting the Netherlands, we wanted to explore, experience and feel more. And we are really visited a lot, wandering through the North and East of Netherlands and met with something total different¬† to everywhere we have seen so far (we often travel). But now I’ll be back to the flowers.

The period of blooming is from the end of March to about the end of May. I personally consider to travel to Holland in the mid-April to see the tulips at their best. We didn’t have luck, because the only small number of fields are bloomed. So for several days, we had real adventure through the Dutch villages and fields to catch some blooming field. And we did it. I’m just going to tell you that you should prepare the sneakers and a comfortable wardrobe.



Before you start exploring and wandering around the fields and villages, I recommend you to visiti the famous flower park Keukenhof in Lisse and see thousands of tulips. The diversity of flowers, different themes and decorations will take you to a completely various, colourful dimension. As I am a great fan of flowers, this was a paradise for me. A few hours is necessary to enjoy the full emperor of this charming park. Here you can rent a bicycle and get on the flower adventure.  The next beautiful places are: Den Helder, Katwijk, Noordwijk, Schermerhorn etc.




When you stay only in Amsterdam, should also visit the famous flower markt in the city centre and experience this the most colourful attraction of this marvellous city.

You should visit this amazing country and enjoy big fields filled with colourful flowers.






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