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Whether you are 5 or 65 years old, Disneyland is always a good choice. My husband and I visited this magic world almost a year ago in Paris and believe me that I would really like to visit again. I am someone who is impressed with Disney heroes and who has not grown out of magic.  Yes, as I said earlier, I am a dreamer who lives in his own world. Is not Disney World the right place for us – Dreamer?

It is a completely different dimension, completely unrealistic, where you can remember your childhood and to relive it again in some way. Want to have fun with Mickey Mouse and dance all together? Oh, yeah, that’s possible … I enjoyed dancing with all these heroes. And imagine the feeling when you are among the crowd of children who enjoy the cartoon Mickey Mouse, and you along with them. My husband and I enjoyed the Mickey Mouse cinema. I was especially impressed by the fairy-tale castle in the center of the park, which represents the courts from the famous cartoon “Sleeping Beauty”. It is a truly imposing building, whose outward and inner appearance is intrigued by all lovers of this world. Wandering through the castle you will experience completely cartoon painted on the windows of the castle, you will see the famous spindle and feel that you are really part of it.





Walking through this world, I wanted to be back in a careless childhood where my main worry was to choose a cartoon for that day, to find new toy etc. Visit this amazing world and enjoy each moment of your childhood again.














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