The great spring detail


When you live in the Black Forest, like me, you know what the word winter means. It is in the right sense of the word. And I’m a typical example of a spring child, who enjoys the sun, warm days and long walks. But now we were lucky and the first half of March brought us the one really amazing spring day. It meant automatically waking up from the winter sleep, the extraction of spring pieces from the winter crowd and smile on the face. And indeed, the city was full of people who were waiting for a warmer day to get out from their lair. This afternoon you could see people on one side in t-shirts, on the other side in a winter jacket, because nobody knew what could expect from the day and weather.

I greeted the first spring day with enthusiasm and carried my faithful stylish ally: new Hallhuber bag that is the right example of the spring fashion detail. Pastel colors, which are an absolute hit this season, floral motifs… is there anything nicer? If you ask me I wore and carried always and only this nuance.  Thus get some spring accessories and enjoy the upcoming season. And you just need a smile, my dear ladies.

           20180315_113100.png      20180315_113126

Shop link: Bag with flowers, Hallhuber





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