J’Adore Vogue




Every month I need a few days to read in detail the new edition of the German Vogue. The story is repeated over and over again … from cover to cover, I analyse all news from the world of fashion, beauty, culture, travel… Simply, it is a real enjoyment with morning coffee or during the afternoon break.

The April edition of Vogue is even more interesting than the previous one and brings us a set of lifestyle innovations. As always, I am starting to read a magazine from the end   So I would immediately highlight the article dedicated to travel, in this case, inspired by French city Toulouse. As France is one of the countries to which I often visit, the article motivated me to expand my Must Visit list.


This month, Vogue dedicated its pages to the famous Clare Waight Keller, Givenchy and her Haute-Couture debut. The article about the new collection, about inspirations and novelties, creates a more realistic picture about the process from idea to realization. It’s really interesting text and for any recommendation to anyone in whose hands Vogue is found.

I would especially like to highlight the standard Vogue’s column, which is edited by Jonathan Meese, but now in the totally different way. The theme is “Fragen ohne Antwort” (Questions without answer), presented on 8 pages. By reading the questions, I really wondered what and where the point is… What is the point of life?


As in every issue, the part of Beauty brings us novelties and I’m sure that everyone will find something suitable for themselves. My attention was especially drawn to the new fragrances of the various brands and I would mark like Must Have the following: Chloé Nomade, Proenza Schouler Arizona and Giorgio Armani Si Passione. I couldn’t pick only one, I decided for all three  What is your choice? 


Finally, I would extract the article that I especially liked, the “Karat Royale”, which is an interview with the renowned jewellery family Hemmerle from Munich. On the occasion of the celebration of the 125th anniversary, the heirs decided to return to the past, thus their new collection is dedicated to the roots – Order. Pieces of diamonds, sapphires, white gold, inspired by the order, are of invaluable value, which radiates with a special beauty. It’s really fantastic.




I recommend a subscription for your favourite magazine and you can choose between several different types under the next link: Vogue subscription


Enjoy  

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