The International Women’s Day



Today is 8 March 2018, the International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day. This day was created as the day of struggle for economic, political and social equality between women and men. Historically, we can conclude that women were in an unenviable position in relation to men and generally in society. Because of this disadvantage, many women have advocated the idea of greater women’s rights.  This process didn’t run smoothly and easily. Inspired by this issue, the German Luis suggested the organization the International Women’s Day, but she was not able to implement her idea. Clara Zetkin took the initiative to achieve this goal and made public this proposal. The first mark was on 18 March, 1911. Like the International Women’s Day, the eight March (for the first time precisely determined date) was accepted in 1917.


In the past, other women have fought for us and we have to continue with this fight also today. It’s our obligation to them. The women deserve respect, love, jobs, quality life without fear. We have the right to say what we want, to do what we want etc. I hope one day this world will be better place for women and for men, because we all have one life and the right to enjoy it. More love, more smile, more harmony… and everything will be better.






To all the amazing ladies all over the world: Happy International  Women’s Day

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