Magical World of Interior



Last summer, my husband and I began to renovate and arrange our home. Omg, it’s really complex and demanding job. Although most of the work has been completed, I am still occupied with that. But now, I’m looking for the perfect interior details. Generally, completely furniture is made from natural materials and dominant colours are beige and brown. I’m especially in love with this natural combination of course, with bright, almost white walls. We needed more light in our space and the best solution was the walls painted with coffee/cream white. I’m totally happy with that.



The most demanding job of decorating is yet to come. It’s not easy to choose right details, which will reflect the true warmth of the home. But I discovered the solution and my the best friend in this challenge is WestwingNow. It’s my oasis of inspiration and my magical world, where I found a lot of right ideas. Step by step and with the special care I’m decorating every corner of my home with the help of this advice. The offer of the shop is huge and I’m sure that everyone will find the right items for themselves because the different styles of furniture and decorative pieces are available on WestwingNow. If you are looking for quality, affordable and perfect details for your home or business space or you need advice and inspiration you should visit my favourite interior shop and enjoy.


Screenshot_20180216-080155-01 Screenshot_20180216-080225-01




You can look and buy my favourite items under next links:

  1. featured image: Look 1 “Retro Mix”
  2. Tee cup with alphabet T
  3. Look 2 “Black and Brown”
  4. Look 3 “Lenas Lounge”
  5. Handmade dose “Carol”
  6. Vase “Lost”, blue/gold
  7. Look 4 “Cool Classic”
  8. Table lamp “Monia”, white/gold
  9. Deko vase set “Amalie”, 3 pieces, grey
  10. Handmade dinnerware “Bol”, rose
  11. Handmade cup “Bol”, white

Note: All photos are owned by the website

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