Lovely InStyle Germany





If you in love with fashion, beauty and generally with trends InStyle Germany is your right choice. My favourite magazine is full of interesting topics, primarily from the fashion world.  In February edition I found a lot of interesting ideas and suggestions in my favourite parts: Der Look (Look), Stylefavoriten (Style favourites), Mode (Fashion)… In this edition I would sign a very interesting article “Tschüss Tristesse” about fashionable, colourful and inspirational ideas for cold and grey winter days. Oh, yes, the winter could be more colourful thanks to fashionable Looks 



Of course and this month we can find new beauty trends and useful tips. For example, the advice “Pin Up, Girl” is so beautiful. I really like this hair pins. My totally favourites from the February edition are: 365 Tage perfekte Haut (365 day perfect skin) about professional treatments, tricks and products for your skin, Oben auf (On top) with ideas for casual look of your hair and Tick Tack story about your body clock. It’s really helpful article for the understanding of our body.


But my totally favourite from this edition is “Cozy Chic”. Generally I’m in love with WestwingNow and the article about Delia Fischer, the founder of this brand is completely “hit” of the magazine. You can see her apartment and enjoy interior ideas. And the most important, you will discover several ideas about perfect interior style.


Until next month my dear friends  💞


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