Exploring the old town of Tübingen, Germany











Something exploring contains its charming. Personally, I enjoy exploring old towns, architecture, secret places etc. The spirit of old towns provides an incredible feeling between traditional and modern. It is always the combination of history and culture that mixes with art and expression. It is an impersonation of where we’ve come from and what we’re proud of.

Tübingen is traditional town in central Baden-Württemberg in Germany. First of all I should say it’s a traditional university town. Because a lot of students here you can feel the spirit of youth at every step. Today it’s a traditional old town mixed with young and cosmopolitan students’ town. I really like this combination, because the city lives.

During the old town you’ll walk on cobblestones and enjoy wonderful old architecture. One part of the city is sprinkled with channels, which give a special note to this interesting city. You can enjoy the sound of music of street singer, as well as to take a break in one of numerous sidewalk cafes.  A lot of interesting stores give different possibilities to buy fantastic things. Generally, you should visit and experience Tübingen with all its beauties and possibilities.

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