Bonjour Strasbourg


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We live in Germany, but we’re lucky that France is some 70km away from us. This means that every free moment we spend most often in France, especially in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is the capital city of the region Alsace, one of the most dynamic city. Because of his position, close to German border we can notice and feel German and French influence on culture and architecture. Wonderful architecture, awesome restaurants, shops… everything. Old town looks fantastic and magical and it’s a fantastic area to wander around. Like exploring old cobbled streets and small squares. Of course, the cathedral Notre Dame and Le Petite France are most visited places in Strasbourg. And with the right. Notre Dame… Oh, this is such a beautiful cathedral. Architecture is fantastic and the stunning astrological watch is fascinating to watch. Very impressive. 

Generally, Strasbourg looks amazing at any time of the year, but during the Christmas is maybe the most beautiful to visit. Traditional Christmas decoration is observed at every step through town. In my opinion, Strasbourg is the most beautifully decorated city which I have ever seen.

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