Our weekend in Lyon, France




Old town




Statue “The weight of One Self”



Sunday Market



Saint John the Baptist Cathedral



Lyon by Night



Me in Action ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually… Take a Break

Generally, France is one of our lovely lands and from this reason we try every free moment to pay a visit and explore this country. One of the cities on our bucket list was of course Lyon. And we experienced a lot of different feelings in two days.

The first touch with this city was โ€œOh, fantastic!โ€. But it lasted only while driving by car through the city. After check-in, in the near of city centre, started our wandering around the Lyon. And totally disappointment.ย  What was the reason for this sense? I cannot say that this is because of the city. As a matter of fact, it was because of people at this moment. A lot of uncultured teenagers on the streets on Sunday evening. Yes, the Sunday evening. It says everything. A short walk through the city and a quick dinner were only what we made for our first evening.

OMG, but the Sunday morning experience was completely different.ย  In the early morning hours, we could feel the quite of the city and enjoy its beauty. Walk by the river, sightseeing of the fantastic architecture in the old town and city center, as well as wandering around the Sunday market made a wonderful feeling. The people were exceptionally kind and hospitable. Yes, it is actually reality.

And definitely, I can say itโ€™s a fantastic city with many diversity in one place and certainly you have to visit Lyon.







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