A Fairy-Tale Castle


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We had the amazing Saturday in Lichtenstein Castle (Schloss Lichtenstein), who is a historicist castle built in the 19th century. This castle is also known as “Württemberg´s fairy-tale castle” as it adheres to romanticism in style and the name translates as “shining stone”.  It’s located in Baden Württemberg, Germany.

Completely place is magnificent and I recommend to visit, when you’re in Germany. This castle is smaller compared to other’s we’d been, but still nice and interesting. The interior of the castle is limited and one can see only several rooms (Waffenhalle, Trinkstube, Kapelle, Rittersaal und Ahnensaal), but an environment and a view from the top are fantastic and breathless. Another reasons for the visit is also fascinating architecture of the Lichtenstein, because it’s situated directly on the rock and the Gothic Revival style is impressive here.

If you’re in Germany and have a few hours for a trip, you should visit the Lichtenstein Castle and enjoy his specific beauty. And the most important is the fact that is not possible the guided tour on English, but the guide speaks good English and can answer on the questions after the tour.


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